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Bedtime Story

So here’s a little AB bedtime story for all you late night babies. I just read it and its very cute. The only thing is that it is a bit too well written for what it is, I think it needs a more babyish touch or just a younger touch in general. Another thing that threw me off a bit was that it’s a bit sexual both in a good way and in a generally awkward way. But I’m sure that wont be a problem for you big babies who can already read big words! ^_^

Enjoy the bedtime story!! 

These are one of my most favorite AB diapers to wear:


They are the first adult baby diaper to be fully all around printed with babyish prints. The sides are colored in wavy blueish purple with white spirals and the center is white with blue outlines of stars and hearts and such. There is a landing zone in the top with colorful hearts, stars, sailboats and clouds for the ONE TAPE on each side that is 3 Inches wide to complete the Baby feel.

These diapers are SUPER comfy and are decently thick. They also make aLOT of noise when you walk in them which is a total plus for me because I love the crinkly diaper sound. They are plastic backed just like the classic diapers from back in the day and are perfect for playing in because those tapes are TOUGH and never come off unless you pull them off.

These diapers are really fun to wet and don’t become too bulky when you wet them which I think is just fine. You definitely want to flaunt these diapers, these are all about appearance! The leg cuffs make this diaper look oh so cute from behind and nearly complete the baby diaper look and feel.

What I would Add:

I would like it more if it had a waistband because in my baby past, my diapers had waistbands and I miss that :P. Aside from that this diaper is perfect for Adult Babies AND Diaper Lovers (although some people would prefer them thicker lol )

Where you can get them:

AB Universe Cushies

The larges come with a darker shade of purple on the sides and are slightly taller than the mediums. You can also add a Baby Fresh Scent that reminds you of those good ol’ Pampers days :)

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